Alternative Therapeutics offers counseling, coaching, Biofeedback and neurofeedback services in the Northeast Ohio area.


The philosophy


Are you someone who has “tried everything” and yet continues to struggle? Do you ever wonder if maybe you’ll just have to feel this way forever? Are you looking for an effective and holistic, drug-free way to address your concerns?

The traditional model of health and mental healthcare in the United States too often fails to help people effectively. Medications are commonly prescribed without effective diagnosis or understanding of the underlying problem. Medications do not “cure” any symptoms and often come with side effects that can outweigh any short-term value they may have.

Many ailments including chronic stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, attentional deficits, post concussion syndrome and memory concerns can be much improved with simple lifestyle improvements including diet, exercise, sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques. Yet traditional medicine often neglects addressing these simple, natural approaches, WHY?

Because our healthcare system (which is very much dictated by insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies) is designed to keep us unhealthy, keep us coming back and keep us spending money.

We are passionate about breaking free from the “traditional” medical model and offering individuals an alternative approach to addressing their mental health. Utilizing holistic, integrative, natural approaches which focus on improving the brain and body’s ability to self-regulate in order to alleviate symptoms.

In addition to treating individuals with specific mental health concerns we specialize in helping those who are interested in simply “tuning up” their current brain and body function. We teach simple, effective ways to improve relaxation, focus capacity, emotional regulation and sleep.

We utilize a combination of counseling, neurofeedback, biofeedback, meditation/relaxation training and health coaching to help people meet their unique goals. 


A short video explaining WHAT neurofeedback is, HOW it works and WHO it can benefit.

Some of the most common questions I get about neurofeedback.

Top 3 Things in Choosing Your Neurofeedback Provider


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