Are you looking for a speaker or Workshop Presenter?

It can be difficult to find a speaker who is knowledgeable, engaging and experienced in presenting in front of others. Let me make it easy for you! I love to help educate my community on topics that I’m passionate about and am happy to customize topics to suit your needs!

Some areas that I can provide expert knowledge in are: brain health, mental health (addiction, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD), relaxation skills (deep breathing, heart rate variability training, meditation/mindfulness), neuroscience, neurofeedback, biofeedback, cognitive decline/aging , stress management, goal design/achievement, workplace productivity.

I have experience in classrooms, workshops, community lecture series events, corporate events and more. Let me know how I can be of assistance!

Some previous experiences:

  • “5 Holistic Ways to Improve Brain Health and Prevent Cognitive Decline”- The Mustard Seed Market Community Lecture Series

  • “Meditation Bootcamp”- Woodridge School District’s Professional Development Day

  • “Why Meditate and How Do I Start?”- Lil Yoga Shop

  • “Balancing Your Brain, Improving Your Mental Health Through Meditation”- Yoga Squared

  • “Natural Ways to Prevent Cognitive Decline”- Stow Glen Retirement Village

  • “An Introduction to Neurofeedback”- Akron’s Functional Meetup Quarterly Meeting


“Britney visited Stow Glen Retirement Village to speak with our residents about brain health and ways to keep your brain stimulated. Britney was very friendly and had so much information to share. She had great ways for the residents to keep their minds working and ways for them to keep each other working toward a healthier brain health as well. Our Residents had many questions and thoughts on her topic and Britney was always ready with an answer for them. Between the time of her visit and now we have seen and heard many of our residents putting the information they received from her to good use. Thank you Britney!!” - Jessica Gossard, Stow Glen Retirement Village

“Britney has worked alongside some of the top neuroscientists and functional medicine doctors in the world, so her information is top notch and scientifically validated. She also delivers the information is an easy and relaxed style that makes the information easier to understand and makes guests feel comfortable to engage with her during the presentation. Great Job Britney!” -Abraham Nabors, The Mustard Seed Market and Cafe

“Britney’s “Meditation Bootcamp” was just what we were looking for!  Insightful and rejuvenating!  Woodridge staff members enjoyed an introduction to meditation and mindfulness as part of their professional learning day.  Britney walked them through the basics of taking care of themselves, reducing stress, and making meditation a habit.  Staff left curious and wanting more.  We appreciate Britney’s follow-up resources that benefit our health and well-being!  Thank you, Britney, for your interest in our staff!” -Kristin Jagger, Director of Academic Services