Pricing for Services

For Your Consideration

At this time we do not participate with private insurance or Medicare. Please contact your insurance carrier about your out-of-network mental health benefits. Due to this, we do our best to work with individuals to find a payment solution that works for them.

We will provide a Superbill at the end of your visit with all the information necessary should you wish to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

We accept credit/debit cards, personal checks, HSA cards and cash.

Each individual will differ in regard to the number of sessions they will need based on symptoms, history, personal goals and individual responses to treatment. During our initial 30 minute consult, we will gather the information needed to assess what type of program you will need to meet your goals. We offer discounts to those who purchase program packages versus individual sessions.

The cost of services can seem daunting for many, so it’s helpful to consider the big picture. The traditional health care system is unfortunately not designed to get you well—with less and less time being spent face to face with patients and more and more medications being thrown at problems—we’re all stuck in the cycle of chasing symptoms with pills, hoping for some magic “cure”. This is until we decide to break free and start taking charge of our own health. Our goal is to help you address the root cause of your concerns, give you concrete holistic approaches to improve your symptoms and free you from the cycle of doctor visits and prescription refills. This will ultimately save you money in the long run.   

Cost of services

Please reach out for pricing. Individual sessions range from $75 to $125, dependent on individual needs and services. Intake and testing prices also vary based on the individual.

Why Testing?

Pre and Post Testing is an exciting and data-driven way for us to track changes and improvements as a result of our work together. We will collect information on neurocognitive functioning, your body’s response to stress and personal goals during your initial intake. At the end of training we provide a comprehensive report on the improvements we’ve made to your brain and body function as well as progress we’ve made toward your personal goals.

Below are examples of the neurocognitive and stress-response testing we provide and improvements that are made.

Website Image CNSVS.JPG
Website image HRV.JPG